Mario’s of Boca – Boca Raton

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Mario’s of Boca – Boca Raton

Posted By: Lapp
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marios of boca

Lunch time today was spent at Mario's of Boca in Boca Raton. They have a lunch time buffet which seems to be the only time there are people eating in this place anymore. Anyways, after moving into their new location it appears Mario's of Boca got a nice new pizza oven. The pizza maker seems to take pride in making all the different varieties of pizza but never seems to pop the bubbles in the cheese and dough as it is baking leaving tons of those airy pockets on the pizza which is a huge pet peeve of mine! TAKE THE TIME TO POP THEM IN THE OVEN! For buffet style pizza it isn't terrible though. Their dough tastes good and the cheese is quality cheese, but I dislike the sauce and find it full of crap. This pizza connoisseur likes smooth sauce without onions and tomato peel slices left around. Mario's of Boca is not a place I would order my pizza from regularly (although a former co-worker thought their white pizza was the BEST) but if choosing between Cici's pizza buffet and Mario's of Boca , I would have to choose Mario's of Boca. I give this 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 1901 N Military Tr Boca Raton, fl 33431