Marabella Pizza Queens New York

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Marabella Pizza Queens New York

Posted By: Al Lover
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I've eaten at Marabella Pizza in Queens, NY a few times now and really have enjoyed it. I live pretty far from their pizzeria and they still deliver to me. Marabella offers a typical NYC slice. I like the sauce to cheese ratio and I find their crust to be well put together.


I usually get the personal pizza (round the hood we call this a mini pie) which for just cheese is $6 and I can get two meals out of it. The large cheese pie is $11.50 which is reasonable considering it's 18".

The actual pizzeria is also a typical NYC pizzeria. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of tables and some music. When I've picked up food, they are always working on huge orders for what looks like catering.

I also enjoy their baked ziti. But the best thing I've had from Marabella is their garlic knots. They aren't greasy and pack a strong dough and garlic combo. They are 20 cents each and I would recommend grabbing some no matter what you order.

The only negative thing I have to say about Marabella is that one of their delivery people isn't very friendly. He threw a fit on me the second time because I only gave him a $2.50 tip after he came all this way. I was shocked considering that a tip isn't mandatory and frankly $2.50 was more than I usually tip!

I will give Marabella Pizza 6 out of 8 slices

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