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Emilio’s Pizza Commack, NY

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Went into Commack the other day, while traveling through Long Island, and met the Mad Greek for some pizza. Since Mad Greek previously thought the pizza at Fanatico Pizza in Jericho, NY was exceptional, we decided to give another family member of the Branchinelli Clan a taste test. It amazes me how different pizza can taste from the same family using the same ingredients. In my opinion, the pizza at Branchinelli's in Hauppauge has tasted the best. Yes better than Colosseo's Pizza, and better than Pasta-eria in Plainview. With tastebuds ready, we walked into Emilio's Pizza in Commack.

When I walked in, I kind of felt like the staff looked at me like I was an idiot (which many people I have met would agree with....I am an idiot sometimes). I asked them where I should sit. Is this a grab a slice and sit down myself place, or do I sit with a server, since there were no signs guiding me either way. We ultimately (reluctantly) decided to go with a server, since we didn't understand how it would work otherwise. It was something to the affect, if you just get slices you can sit yourself, if you get a salad or a dish you must use a server....blah blah blah.

I guess the regular server was busy carrying some slices out to the tables around me, and the manager was kind enough to step up and take our order. I started with a dozen garlic knots, and ordered a Sicilian and Regular Slice of pizza. Mad Greek ordered some type of artesian pie, which didn't interest me too much. Took about 15 minutes (no exaggeration) to get my garlic knots, but they eventually came, right about the same time the slices came. Good thing I ordered them as an appetizer. While waiting for these knots, I drank through my first soda (cups are small). I asked for a refill and was told there is a charge for them? Come on Emilo's, that is absurdly cheap of you. You probably pull in over $70,000 a week in this location, and you cannot afford to give your customers $0.10 soda refills? You have to charge them full price? In my opinion, I wouldn't return just for this reason alone. Way to try to take advantage of your patrons, who in an already down economy come to give you money.

The Sicilian Slice of pizza is what I tried first. It was thinner than normal slices of Sicilian, but it had a perfect crust to it. After biting into this slice, it was evident that Emilio's of Commack knows how to make a Sicilian Pizza. It was airy inside and crunchy on the bottom. The cheese tasted excellent and the sauce was nice and sweet but applied too generously on top of the crust. This slice easily gets a 6 out of 8 slice ranking. When it comes to the regular slice, as you can see in the photo above, it wasn't up to my expectations. It was luke warm at best, and extremely soggy. No crisp to it at all, no ability to stand even if given Cialis. The sauce and the cheese had the potential to taste good, but due to how it was cooked, it was below average on top of this flop. In my opinion, they should have let it cook longer, or not brought it out at the same time with the appetizers (garlic knots). This regular slice, gets 5 out of 8, but that is being generous.

I was dying of thirst but the server didn't come back before I finished my food. This is why it is so darn stupid to have a wait staff at lunch. If you really needed the money so badly for my refill (which you obviously do, since you are struggling in this location, or else you wouldn't charge for refills), shouldn't you try to get that money actually from me? How can I spend the extra money (you must need terribly) for another drink of $0.10 cost soda, if the server doesn't come back to get me it? Then after we are done she comes back to see how we are doing, I order yet another soda, and she brings a new glass. That means she will require you to wash my other glass, which will cost you $0.10 anyways.

After seeing the manager again, I asked why Emilio's in Commack charges for soda refills. He told me "we don't bang you over the head with soda and charge you only $2.25 a glass, where other places charge $2.95." I would personally rather pay $2.95 and get the refills at those other places. That is so generous of you Emilio's to only charge $2.25. For some reason I think it was only $2.00 a soda, weird the manager didn't know the price.

With the extra money to take from your loyal customers in drink refills, maybe you can spend some of it updating your website. I'd be happy to help you with that......just saying.

Emilio's Pizza in Commack gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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