Danny’s Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach

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Danny’s Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach

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Recently I noticed that many of the groups I follow on Facebook in the Boynton Beach area were getting flooded with what appeared to be the usual spam from people trying to promote a new place. This time the culprit was Danny’s Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach. I hadn’t heard of this new pizzeria opening prior so I put it in pizza rolodex to make sure I tried it one day.

We happened to be on Boynton Beach Blvd. the other day, and my friend asked if they could get Chick-fil-a since it was nearby. Being the incredible host I am, I agreed and veered off our path to go through the drive-thru. As i went to make a U-turn, I noticed Danny’s Pizza in a plaza across the street. Little did my friend know, but after we got out the enormous line for chicken, we would be once again making another U-turn and heading to give Danny’s Pizza a try and see if it is the best pizza in Boynton Beach like the website claims.

Danny's Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach

When I pulled up and took this photo above, I realized they had an awesome location and a pick-up window to the side. I am guessing this used to be a bank location, but I never really head out these ways in Boynton Beach. Upon walking into Danny’s Pizza Kitchen it is easy to notice that they recently opened. Everything was clean and modern, and the staff seemed friendly enough. There’s a few tables setup in the front for those who want to eat in. I ordered a slice from the young lady behind the counter and waited. It was taking a while but I patiently waited and ended up sitting down to eat in.


When my slice arrived it was quite overcooked. They had definitely left it in the oven too long. You can see the charring, but the photo doesn’t do it any justice. This slice was almost burnt. The young lady from behind the counter said she knows it looks too well done and asked if I still wanted it, cause if not I would have to wait for a new pie since this was the last slice. Since I was just there to taste the pizza and review it, I told her it was fine and figured I would cut off the burnt parts and just have a taste from where it appeared normal.


When I took my first bite, after dissecting the slice, it was almost impossible to taste the pizza since it was still too hot and the sauce and cheese just tasted burnt. Once again, the photo for some reason isn’t showing how overcooked it was. It was at this point I said to my friend that if I had owned this place, I would make another pie anyways and just drop a slice off in front of me just to show that they wanted me to have a good experience. Oh well, I guess I would just run a pizzeria differently.


Just as we were about to leave, the owner (I later asked if he was the owner so that is how I knew) came to the table and apologized for the burnt slice he initially gave us and told me to please eat this instead and there wouldn’t be a charge for the second slice. It was like they had a microphone on our little two top table and knew this was what we had hoped for!



This slice tasted must better. I wish I had this slice to start off with and not the biased opinion I had after tasting the first slice. The cheese tasted decent, the sauce was good, just lacked some flavoring, but I liked the crust the best. It held up nicely and was super thin with a nice taste to it. The food dishes they were making and serving looked pretty good too, so I think we will make a separate trip to go back and try them.

Although my pizza visit to Danny’s Pizza Kitchen in Boynton Beach didn’t start off great, it ended decently. We absolutely will be going back to give it another taste, and possibly changing our rating afterwards. But for this visit we have to base the taste on the average of both of our slices.

Danny’s Pizza Kitchen in Boynton Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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