Damiano Italian Restaurant Boca Raton Pizza

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Damiano Italian Restaurant Boca Raton Pizza

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Well it didn't take long for Assaggio Del Forno to close, maybe a couple months to be somewhat precise. After my first terrible experience there, I was certain they didn't have what it would take to last in their location. The clientele that lives nearby is way to finicky for even the slightest mistake. I did go back and try the pizza, and thought it was decent, but a place with that high rent and buildout could never survive on pizza alone.

Damiano Italian Restaurant quickly put up coming soon signs as soon as Assaggio Del Forno closed. Either the previous owner sold it, or made some sort of deal with the new owner John Williams who also recently was behind Frank and Dino's in Deerfield Beach. The weird thing is I also heard Dennis Max who owned Assaggio Del Forno was also an owner of that restaurant. Did Damiano just change its name and pretend like it was a new restaurant? According to the press that circled Frank and Dino's when it opened, John Williams was a Partner with the Max Group. Are they no longer partners? Anyways let's get to the pizza.

The tables at Damiano Italian Restaurant, and much of the ambiance seemed very similar to the previous Italian Restaurant that was in this Regency Court Shopping Center, right outside of the Woodfield Country Club. The hostess this time around was quite friendly, and happily seated us. The bar was full of people with lots of plastic face surgery so I just looked away and tried to not let the crowd ruin my experience.

I ordered a plain pie, and about 10 minutes later it arrived on my table smelling and looking great. I didn't like how much crust there was compared to pizza, but I was going to let my first bite decide if I liked it or not. The first bite revealed a crispy crust. It tasted very good with a smooth sweet tasting sauce applied on top of it. The cheese, which they applied generously was a quality fresh blend and one that baked well in their wood oven.

As you can see from the photos above the crust took up probably 1/4 of the slice or more.

The olive oil they used also tasted like an expensive one. So I do not think Damiano cut any corners with the ingredients here, I would just like to see them give me more pizza for the price and less crust.

Damiano Italian Restaurant's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices

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