Cold Pizza Contest 103.1 The Buzz Jeremy Loper and Randi Rasar

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Cold Pizza Contest 103.1 The Buzz Jeremy Loper and Randi Rasar

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). This year I decided to take my distain to Twitter and "passive aggressively", ask him to be a judge, as Jeremy tweeted. Well my annoyance worked, and they ultimately had me on the show to help judge their Cold Pizza Contest. Let me tell you, it was a blast!

I arrived @themorningbuzz studio a bit before 8am, tired, hungry and hoping it would be a good time. Since I was such a jerk towards them in previous years, I wasn't sure if they had a paint ball ambush waiting for me. Batnails was the first to introduce himself to me, and he couldn't be any more cordial. Jeremy Loper eventually came out into the lobby and was all smiles. He made me feel instantly welcomed. After waiting a bit, I was led to the main area where the pizza contest would be held. There were stacks of pizza boxes, waiting to hold the esteemed title of Best Cold Pizza in the area.

Judging alongside me was Suzanne Boyd, Moneyq Green, Rock Chick Nikki, and Dave from the Busch Wildlife Santuary (and his bobcat who bit me!). We weren't told which pizza was from which place, and they started serving us each a slice at a time. It was remarkable how disgusting so many of these pizzas were. Some idiotic pizza places even sent through pizzas with toppings. Yes toppings that go bad out of the refrigerator. What the heck were they thinking! Note to pizza owners: NEVER SEND PIZZA WITH TOPPINGS. If you want judging to be equal, just send a plain pie.

Towards the 10th slice, we all agreed that the one just served was probably the only one that tasted good. This pizza came from Tucci's Pizza in Boca Raton, Florida. Tucci's is a place that I even picked for my Top Ten Pizza Places in the country. Many might think that Tucci's would win since I would show favoritism, but like I said....None of us knew which pizza was from where, and we all seemed to agree that it was the best.

Jeremy, and Randi, I gotta tell you....I truly had an amazing time with you guys. I had you all wrong and I apologize for any things I have previously posted. You guys are genuinely awesome people (even though Randi has like ZERO pizza taste). Instead of being all negative towards me, you guys welcomed me in with a sense of happiness. Although it sounds cliche, you guys just seem to "get it". You get everything that has to do with being social on the web. This is why you guys are so damn popular around our listening area. You have made a fan out of me, and I am telling everyone I know to listen you to guys.

Hope to see you guys again soon, and have some fun on the air with you both again. If you live in their listening area, you really need to listen to Loper and Randi on Buzz 103.1. I should point out that their website pops up an incredibly annoying ad, so be prepared to feel like you are in 1997 hahahah.

If you want to follow Jeremy on Twitter he is shirtless and @jeremyloper. If you want to follow the incredibly beautiful Randi, she is @randirasar.

By the way here is the bite mark from the bobcat that bit me! Ahhh the hazards I have to incur to provide the best pizza places to eat at.

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