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Olio Pizzeria Los Angeles Could be the Best Pizza in Los Angeles

Olio is a word that has a number of meanings: mixture, spanish stew, some other things. But in the case of Bradford Kent’s “Olio“, it just means Delicious, with a capital “D.”

This newly opened, mid-city Los Angeles pie shop, the brainchild of Kent, a vet of all segments of the food industry, from research, to new product development, to selling pies in the L.A. Farmer’s Market.

I was toted over there by Larry the Lawyer, my L.A. eating buddy for nearly 30 years. We regularly hit the new spots when I am in town, and he’s been to Olio several times in their first month, and wanted to share it with me.


Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria Tarzana California

Big Mama’s & Papa’s is noted for (an empty claim) having the world’s largest pizza, a 36 incher they sell on their regular menu. Geez, I’d love to go for that, at least for the photo opportunity. But what would I do with it then? Their description says it is cut into 50 slices. Here, tonight, I am four slices into a 13″ medium, and can’t go on.