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Marco’s Pizza Corning California

Corning, California, is one of my regular stops on I-5 in California, it’s about 2 hours north of Sacto, and the reason I always stop there is to buy olives.

The Olive Pit has a zillion varieties, and I always buy a few giant jugs of them to tide me over until the next time I zip through there.

The store is open long hours, but once I arrived in town ten seconds too late, and was so determined to get some olives, I spent the night in a motel there, to wait for them to open.

Having stopped there on my southbound leg this trip, I didn’t need to stop there going home, but coincidentally, it was time to stop for the night, and Corning was as good a place as any to get a cheap motel. I found it, and it was packed full of coyotes and illegals, coming and going all night in vans, but perusing the restaurant literature in the room (which was astonishingly clean), I saw a flyer for Marco’s Pizza, and figured I would get a pie to go, enjoy it in the room, have something to write about.