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Luciano’s of Chicago Pizza Nassau Bahamas

After trying some of the ridiculously overpriced pizza at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, I told my wife, I am through eating at the hotel. I noticed on the way in, that Nassau had a Luciano’s of Chicago Italian Restaurant near the bridge to Paradise Island, and I figured that would be a safe place to eat at. Even though I knew it was unlikely to find some quality Chicago style pizza in The Bahamas, I know the Luciano’s in Chicago is decent, according to other friends accounts. It seemed like a safe gamble, as it probably couldn’t be worse than the hotel food. I am sorry about the photo above, but since I didn’t have a photo of the pizza, I thought you would enjoy seeing some stingray.

After getting dropped off at the front of Luciano’s we walked down the long driveway and weren’t sure if it was even open. Luciano’s was dead during lunchtime. We walked in and were greeted, and led to a table outside with a magnificent view of The Atlantis. This was a postcard view, just gorgeous. They brought over some bread and we checked out the menu hoping there was some pizza.


Marina Pizzeria Nassau Bahamas – The Atlantis

Had the luxury of visiting the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for a lavish wedding. Not that we discuss weddings here, but I do not think I have been to such a gorgeous location for a day of matrimony before. So of course, while there, I decided go try some of the pizza. Many will think I used the wedding as an excuse to try Bahamian Pizza, and some just might be right 😉

The Atlantis, where we stayed was breathtaking. So many activities to do, and the grounds are just spectacular. I wish the overall experience with the staff was equally as lovely, as it seemed like it was a struggle to get anything done with them. By the way, do not get a bag of Doritos at the store in the lobby of The Atlantis in Paradise Island, unless you intend on spending $10.00