Bloomin’ Newman’s Pizza – Pizza Express Boca Raton, Florida

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Bloomin’ Newman’s Pizza – Pizza Express Boca Raton, Florida

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On my way back from doing an chore during the workday I decided to grab a quick slice at Bloomin' Newman's Pizza (or Pizza Express if that is what it is called now) in Boca Raton, by the Hampton Inn on Yamato. The staff was nice, but their English was not very good. Was hard to place where they were from....maybe Poland or someplace around that region. Anyways, I got the 2 slice special and from the looks of it I thought I would enjoy it. I am not sure what Bloomin' Newmans's Pizza uses in their sauce but it didn't taste like pizza sauce. I read the review I have attached as a photo and think that this reviewer tasted something different than I did. I am from New York and I can assure anyone who reads the other review, that there is NOTHING, New York about this pizza place. This place claims to be home to the $100.00 pizza. Seeing that it is hard for me to pay $2.00 a slice here, I could only imagine how bad the $100.00 version is! I would improve this place by changing the sauce to something tastier and sweeter with less onions and tomato peels in it. Being that this place is new, I was hoping to really enjoy it, but unfortunately I will have to give this only 2 our of 8 slices as a rating.

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