Angelo’s Pizza NYC

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Angelo’s Pizza NYC

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angelos-pizzacoal oven sliceHere is a treat for any tourist in New York. Angelo’s Pizza on 57th Street. The pizza is out of this world. The theater district is normally not known for having the best pizza in the city. I was astonished with how good this pizza was for the ares.

Angelo's Pizza is as good as any major pizzeria around the city, and so close to Carnegie Hall. This is the kind of pizza that make people say “I had a great NY pizza.”

Now it’s not worth making a special trip to Angelo’s, there is good pizza all over NY (even though there is more bad than good), however if you are in the area, you can’t go wrong with Angelo’s.

The story of Angelo's is kind of interesting as well. When the new owners of the establishment found this location, the discovered that there was already a coal burning oven from the early 1900's. After transforming the oven into a coal burning brick oven, they managed to create some amazing pizza.

The dough here was nicely crisp, and tasted great. The sauce was sweet, and not chunky, and was placed on the pie evenly. The cheese was fresh Mozz, and just tasted amazing. All in all, I was remarkably pleased with this pizza.

Angelo's Pizza in NYC gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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