Angelas Pizza South Florida Fair

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Angelas Pizza South Florida Fair

Posted By: Matt's Pizza
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Its that time of year again, time for the FAIR. And we had to go right away. Amid all the great treats to eat, Mrs. Pizza wanted to get a slice. And I dont blame her. Luckily for her, she had me, and I had my iPhone, but mostly me. I pulled up my prior reviews of pizza at the fair so I knew which places to avoid. We decided to try something new though (what we do for our fans). And we are GLAD WE DID.

Angelas was the best fair pizza so far. I couldnt say anything bad about it. It tasted Fresh, was nice and cheesy, and hit the spot. Your not going to get the best pizza you have ever had, but it is certainly better than some of the other booths at the Fair. Now lets go get something fried, on a stick, or both!!!!

Keeping this review short and sweet.

Angelas Pizza at the South Florida Fair gets 5 out of 8 fair slices.

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