Blocks Pizza Deli Miami Beach, South Beach

A loyal reader recently typed an email to me suggesting I try one of his favorite places to grab pizza in South Beach. The place he mentioned was Blocks Pizza which is located on Washington Ave. I had the opportunity to be down in that area and decided to walk from my hotel over to Blocks and see if it was any good.

Blocks was nothing fancy inside but it had an open and clean feel to it. Not many tables, but an easy to see pizza counter with a door open to the of the kitchen so you can see what sort of goes on there. The different oils they had on the counter intrigued me but I didn’t want to ruin the first tasting by adding anything additional.


Community Table Boca Raton Pizza


Boca Raton seems to be revered around the country as this beautiful paradise, with palm trees lining streets, and beautifully manicured lawns outside gorgeous homes and businesses. Most people would agree unless they have traveled on NW 2nd ave, also known as Boca Raton Blvd., between Glades Road and 20th Street. For some reason this block is full of decrepit plazas and buildings that never seem to get nicer. It is like the buildings were bought 50 years ago and just left in the state they were. G-d Forbid one of the landlords would get wise and redo the plazas so they could obtain more rent and beautify the street. (Pictured above at the grand opening and ribbon cutting are FAU Student Body President Michael Cepeda , Mayor Susan Haynie, Andrew Stellino (Owner), and Boca Raton Councilman Robert Weinroth.

Well one amazing thing happened on this street recently and it was the opening of a new casual eatery called Community Table. Although known for their $1 pizza slices and $8 pies, Community Table serves quite a bit more than that. They have tacos, hot dogs, paninis, salads and fresh homemade pasta. We couldn’t wait to go in and try out everything they had to offer.  (more…)

Cork & Pig Tavern Pizza Odessa, TX


I travel around North America for a different job, and find myself in some really great and not so great locations.  Emailed to me one day was my next work trip to Odessa, TX. It was a spot on the Texas map until 3 years ago when Texas decided to start drilling for more oil in West Texas.  People out here with property have become instant millionaires within 6 months to a year.  Enough of that, but what it did bring was a demand for more restaurants.

One restaurant in-particular is the Cork & Pig Tavern.  It is a new establishment like most other building growing on the east side of Odessa, but with a really good exception … pizza.  Today I had the Gladiator pizza.  The Gladiator has Italian sausage, diced red bell peppers, oregano, mozzarella and tomato sauce.