Woodfield Country Club Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza


Recently Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, one of the areas premier clubs changed their menu. Some of the items I think were silly, but one of the new items is the Flatbread Pizza selection. Was invited there the other night from a friend who needed to kill his food minimum and had the opportunity to try it.

Like always, I ordered a plain one. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t really enjoyed the other pizzas they serve here. Outside of Boca West Country Club which has its own pizza oven, many of the Country Clubs around Boca Raton seem to fail when it comes to their food selection (outside of some Brunch).


Mamma Mia’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL


Was invited to a private party the other evening at a pretty cool warehouse that had some of the most amazing pinball machines. The host was gracious enough to also provide us with drinks and pizza all night. I went with one of the guys to go pick up the pizza at Mamma Mia’s in Boynton Beach, located on Woolbright Road.

Mamma Mia’s has several locations around Palm Beach County, and I have been to most of them but never really loved it enough to go out of my way just to have the pizza again. We ordered a couple of plain pies and some Sicilian pies. Unfortunately I had to wait until we arrived back at the warehouse before trying them, but once the box was open I digged in on a regular and Sicilian slice.


Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza Palm Beach Gardens, FL


A rather brilliant friend of mine who lives to the north told me about a pizza place he wanted me to try with him in Palm Beach Gardens. We both couldn’t figure out the name of the pizzeria, but after some research we figured out it was Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza on Northlake Blvd, near Military Trail. We agreed on a date and I started the trek up there.

Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza wasn’t exactly in a place I would think it would be. This plaza seemed more like the place you would find a UPS Store, a tutoring shop, and a psychologist. In its original location, Johnny’s is located right off clematis street in a hipper location with more foot traffic. This sleepy section of the gardens just didn’t seem to be the right choice of spots to open another.


Big C’s Downtown Pizza Fort Lauderdale


We were looking for a pizza place on Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale that we ate at once before and kind of liked, after going to a convention at the Broward Convention Center. Yes it was exxxotica, but that is besides the point. Based upon the location, I thought we arrived at the right place, but I just didn’t think the names matched up. We put money in the meter and headed inside anyways since hunger was becoming an issue.

After walking into Big C’s Pizzeria it became quite clear we weren’t at the right place. A little research showed that we meant to eat at Pie-Zan’s Pizza but miscalculated the location. Man am I sorry we made this error.