Lucali Pizza in South Beach, Miami


Back in 2010 I named a small place in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn named Lucali as one of the 10 best pizzerias in the county. You can read about the list here. I haven’t been back up those ways for a while, so I wasn’t sure how the place was doing. After hearing the owner was stabbed I thought that they perhaps would close. This wasn’t the case. Lucali was actually busy scoping out a new location in the quickly hip Sunset Harbor area of Miami Beach.

Lucali in Miami beach seats plenty more than that of the original one in Brooklyn which contains about 10 tables, if I recall correctly. After finding parking in the municipal garage next door, I made my way down, walked around the block and walked inside an overly dim pizzeria.


Forty Seventh Street Frozen Chicago Style Pizza


Normally I am not one to like frozen pizza. I try to avoid it at all costs unless I am starving and it is the only thing in my freezer. I have had some decent frozen pizza in my time, including but not limited to Home Run Inn, and some DiGiorno Pizza. Recently my wife brought me home a deep dish style frozen pizza she picked up and thought I might like to taste.

Prior to her bringing home this deep dish frozen pizza, I had never even heard of Forty Seventh Street Chicago Style Pizza. The packaging was simple at best, and this pizza didn’t even vaguely resemble something I would normally want to put into my delicate mouth. Luckily for Forty Seventh Street Frozen Pizza, I was starving and there was absolutely nothing else to eat in the house. Not even Jello Pudding.


Urban Crust Pizza Plano, TX


For a full work week, I found myself in Plano, TX. A suburban little area located outside of Dallas. I ate at a place called Urban Crust Pizza for lunch four of the five days I was in Plano, TX actually.

Urban Crust has a decent lunch special which was a personal size pizza (9-10 inches) and a soup of the day or caesar salad for less than $10! With the lunch special you choose one topping, I believe you could ask for more for a price but I never did. The toppings I had were: pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto and jalapeño. I asked the server if the meat was store bought or from the area and the reply was it is from the local butcher shop.


Joe & Pat’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

When eating pizza in Staten Island, there are several places you gotta try. Denino’s Pizzeria of course, and Joe and Pat’s. Both are legendary, and win awards quite regularly, well at least Denino’s does. Since we went to Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern last time I was in Staten Island, we decided to go back and experience Joe and Pat’s.

Joe and Pat’s was just what I expected inside. An old style pizza joint with a bunch of tables to eat in, and a few tables to the left with waitress service. We sat down, ordered a plain pie and began the wait. Our waitress seemed nice, but I had some issues with her later in the evening that I will explain further down.