Harry’s Pizza Miami Design District

I have been to the “best pizza” places all over the world. I have tasted what I consider to be some of the best pizza in the world during these travels. Many times the places the local papers and review sites recommend are right, but many times they are wrong. Recently Food and Wine magazine put out their Best New Pizza Places in the United States post, and included Harry’s Pizza in the Miami Design District as one of the best.

Since I have never eaten there I decided to go give it a try and see if I could believe the rest of their picks based upon the decision to include Harry’s Pizza.


Pies & Pints Pizza Charleston, WV

Found myself traveling through the State of West Virginia for work the other day. Wasn’t expecting much since most of what the television shows discuss about West Virginia solely deals with the Hatfields and McCoys. I was staying in Charleston, WV and got the urge to wander out and try some of the local fare.

I noticed a place called Pies & Pints Pizzeria on Capitol Street and being the pizza lover I am, it seemed only reasonable that I would go in an try it out for the site. Doesn’t seem like WorstPizza has many reviews from this State.


St. James Pizza in St. James, NY

My sister’s friend informed me that there was a new pizza place that opened up out in St. James, over by the car dealerships, simply called St. James Pizza. She had previously gone there and enjoyed it and suggested that perhaps we have lunch there to see what I thought of it.

After parking on the side of the building we walked towards St. James Pizza. Once inside you can easily tell that St. James Pizza is still new. Everything seemed clean and in place, and looked extremely inviting.


The Ale House Boca Raton Pizza

Recently I noticed that The Ale House on Yamato Road in Boca Raton was offering a new menu item…PIZZA! Does it get any better than watching football games on dozens of screens and having the ability to order pizza fresh out of the oven while you do so?

When the waitress came by, I couldn’t order this pizza fast enough. The way The Ale House in this Boca Raton location was promoting it on their menu, I knew I should be in for something tasty, full of quality ingredients, and worth coming back for. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case in my opinion.