Josie’s Ristorante Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

Met my wife for some lunch the other day in Boynton Beach, FL and after finally deciding on Wendy’s, we quickly left since it appeared the air conditioning was broke. In the same plaza was another eatery named Josie’s Italian Restaurant so we decided to go try it out. Both of us weren’t sure if we had sampled the food here prior, but I have a feeling we did many many years ago.

Josie’s Restaurant in Boynton Beach wasn’t anything fancy inside. It seems like the place you would find in old Florida, but it appeared cleaner. Even though they had a buffet going on during lunch time, for some reason this place only had one other couple eating there. Hope this wasn’t a bad sign of things to come.


Porto Fino Pizza Huntington, NY

Was psyched to see an old high school friend while I was back in Long Island visiting my parents. He suggested we meet in Huntington Village and grab some food. As we walked down the block we noticed Porto Fino Restaurant and Pizzeria and figured we would give it a try.

When we were seated I was told by the server that I couldn’t order slices in this section. He mentioned I could only order pies. Since it was their policy I wasn’t going to argue, but it seemed silly that slices couldn’t make it to this part of the dining room. After asking him nicely, he agreed to let me get a slice of Sicilian to try if I ordered something else as well. Good job upselling, but I had to try the pizza out.


Manhattan Joe’s Pizza Boca Raton

Finally a new pizza place opens up in Boca Raton with no servers. A place that actually trusts me enough to carry my slice from the counter to the chairs located 2 feet from the counter….what an amazing concept. The new pizzeria is located in the Polo Shops and is named Manhattan Joe’s Pizza, at least I think that is what it is. It could be Joe’s Manhattan Pizza but I am betting on Manhattan Joe’s.

Manhattan Joe’s cleaned up the interior of what I think used to be a Coffee Shop that didn’t have the name Star in it, so it was doomed to fail. The menu was simply attached to the wall, and they had some paper ones on the counter. Two people worked behind this long counter, one guy was doing something with the cheese, and the young girl at the counter asked me what I wanted.


Canyon Ranch Pizza Tucson Arizona



Matt’s pizza and I went to Canyon Ranch Tucson in Arizona for a week of healthy eating and plenty of exercise. We were certainly not expecting to see such indulgent lunch items like hamburgers and pizza on the menu at the Double U cafe by the pool.We tried to stay away as long as we could partaking in the daily relaxation that this trip was supposed to provide us.

Pizza!!! By day 3 we caved in and indulged. Well, if you call 280 calories for a cheese slice indulging. We called it happiness. Actually anyone who visits the Canyon Ranch and has this pizza will most likely agree with me that this pizza was pure happiness after all the exercises.