Villagio Restaurant Pizza Boca Raton Mizner Park

villagios.jpgvillagio_pizza.jpgMartin wanted me to try the pizza at the new Italian place in Mizner Park called Villagio’s.  This appears to be the same owners as Il Bellagio in West Palm Beach, based upon the menu but I have no confirmed that as of yet.

The pizza was quite undercooked but the manager came by and made things right. The second pie was fantastic.  It was cooked properly with some fresh cheese, light amount of sauce and crispy thin crust. I know this seems like a short review, but I was planning on going back to give it a proper one. This time around I was a bit too tainted to give a full unbiased account.

The second pizza was actually pretty good so I will score it high and just try to save my comments for an additional time.

I will give Villagio Restaurant 6 out of 8 slices.


How We Can Stimulate the Economy: One Slice at a Time

pizza_money.jpgAll the brand new whiz-gizmo start-ups on the Web, all the fat ticket and functionally pointless sports cars, and all the Chef WhassnameontheFoodChannel cooking sets can’t compete with one thing when it comes to economic stimulation.  Pizza.

Giants like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Starbucks will fail when the economy goes really sour.  Your local Julio’s Pizza, Gamboni’s Pizzaria, Tucci’s, and whatever the local pizza oven is in your neighborhood will be there.  Why?  Because these businesses have always been there and they don’t fail.

Sure, they may not be “too big to fail” like some of the corporate merchandising giants, but they aren’t merging, up-sizing, downsizing, marginalizing, or whatever with abandon either.  There are well over 76,000 pizza restaurants in America today.  That, my friends, is second only to the National Guard in national defense.


Pasquale’s Pizza and Subs Coral Springs

pasquales_pizza.jpgThe review comes from one of the youngest reviewers we have here at worstpizza.  We welcome Sammy on board, and look forward to his expert reviews!

Pasquale’s is a great pizza place to go to if you are in the Coral Springs area. It is roomy inside, with a noticeable cafeteria style to it.