Zuccarelli’s Italian Kitchen West Palm Beach – Not The Worst Pizza

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Zuccarelli’s Italian Kitchen West Palm Beach – Not The Worst Pizza

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The other day I went over to my next door neighbors house, you remember them, the ones with absolutely ZERO taste for quality pizza.  The grandparents were there, and recommended a place in West Palm Beach called Zuccarelli's.  On Sunday I was up around the West Palm Beach area and searched my mental rolodex of pizza places I have heard of, when I recalled them saying Zuccarelli's.  Since my family and I were down the block we went to try it out.  Man am I happy I did.  We ordered a Sicilian pie and it was definitely one of the best I have had down in Florida.  The cheese was incredible and tasty, it had just the perfect amount of sauce and they managed to make the crust crispy, while keeping the inside inside soft & yet well cooked...for lack of having a better description come into my head.  I cannot wait to go back and try the regular pizza.  One thing I would have while dining there are the garlic rolls.  They are extremely bland and not worth paying for.  I will give Zuccarelli's in West Palm Beach 6 out of 8 slices, and will certainly make it a point to frequent this pizza place any time I am around that area!

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