Zio’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Zio’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL

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While driving down Federal Highway last week in Fort Lauderdale, I spotted a pizza place in a corner of a shopping center. It wasn't the nicest kind of shopping center, which was evident by the presence of Metro PCS store and the like, but sometimes those little places are the best. I pulled into the shopping center and searched my email to see if anyone ever recommend this pizza place named Zio's. I was surprised when I found about a half dozen emails suggest that I review this place. That was enough of a push to get me in the door of Zio's Pizza.

Zio's is one of those miraculous pizza places that let you order your slices from the counter and bring them to your booth yourself. I commend you for this guys. You obviously started out this tasting right, and got me in a good mood. Zio's Pizza is EXTREMELY clean inside, even with their outdated decor. The kitchen is wide open for anyone to look into, and watch as the food is prepared.

After ordering my slice and a soda, I thought the guy behind the counter (I think it was the owner) would have upsold me and told me that the 1 slice and a soda is $4.35, but if I got the lunch special, it would only be $4.99 for two slices and a drink. If you happen to go eat there during lunch, after reading this review, I would suggest to get the 2 slice special. Zio's also has a plaque up in the establishment which shows it was awarded cleanest restaurant, and that comes as no surprise, they deserved this.

When the slice came out, it was a nice size. Unfortunately it had excessive amounts of flour still left on it. The crust was crisp and the sauce, although not to my exact liking, was adequate. It had this bitter type of aftertaste to it. The cheese was not of the highest caliber, but taking everything into account, this slice was better than many I have had throughout the Fort Lauderdale area.

This is a good slice joint! The type of place where the guy behind the counter seems to know every customer by their first name, and what they want before they order. This is something I personally love to see. Zio's says they are an authentic New York Pizzeria, but they serve Jersey Fries, and have NJ Devils stuff on the wall. Zio's are you authentic NY, or NJ?

Zio's Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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