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in Miami. Unfortunately due to policies, we were not able to specifically mention the names of the places during the broadcast, and many readers and listeners have asked us to publish the names of the two places that we said we really liked.  Although there are many great places throughout the listening area, we tried to focus on only a couple that quickly came to mind. If we had more time we would have mentioned dozens of other places throughout the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, so we apologize to the places that we love, but still managed to neglect. Here are the two places:

For Detroit Style Crusty Cheese Pizza, we definitely recommend Esposito's Pizza in Davie, just South of 595 on University Blvd. If you haven't had pizza known as "Detroit Style" then you are in for quite a treat.

The second place we discussed is a newer place called Kings County Pizza. This "hole in the wall" pizza place, is located on Dixie, just South of Miami Gardens Drive, not too far from the Aventura Mall. I wasn't blown away by the regular slice, but the Sicilian Slice there was reminiscent of Umberto's of New Hyde Park, and I have since gone back a couple times just to grab a slice of the Sicilian. Their Garlic Knots, not rolls, but KNOTS are also delicious.

We are also big fans of Spris in Coral Gables but didn't have time to mention them. Although the location in South Beach is pretty good as well, there is something that just makes Coral Gables Spris location taste better then the other.

Do you guys have any favorite places that you want to recommend for us to try? If so please leave a comment below and we will check them out as soon as possible.


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