Worst Pizza – Delray Beach – Story

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Worst Pizza – Delray Beach – Story

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I just came across this story written by
Veronica Martinez Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
and I had to print it!

DELRAY BEACH — A city police officer went undercover as a pizza-delivery man last month to bust a man who allegedly used a stolen credit card to buy more than $1,000 worth of pizza, chicken strips and hot wings in three weeks.

The theft was discovered after the real owner of the credit card contacted his bank and was told of the charges made to a Papa John's Pizza restaurant on Federal Highway in Boynton Beach.

The suspect, who ordered the pizza on the Internet using a false name, placed an order at the same time police were notified of the stolen card. Police then set up their pizza sting.

"Papa John's provided me with one of their shirts and I delivered the pizza in place of their regular driver," the officer stated in his report.

On April 16, the officer showed up at the suspect's home to deliver the three pizzas the suspect had ordered.

"I only delivered 2 (pizzas). He signed the receipt without any regard for the third pizza," the officer stated in the report.

Police charged the guy, who turns 21 today, of  Delray Beach, with uttering a forged instrument, forgery and grand theft. The report describes the guy as being 6 feet tall and 220 pounds. (not sure why this was needed for the article)

He allegedly placed 21 Papa Johns orders online from March 21 through April 15, totaling $1,230, according to the police report.

Among the items ordered: rustic Italian pizza, chicken tomato pizza, bacon and ham pizza, chicken strips and hot wings.

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