Woodfield Country Club Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza

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Woodfield Country Club Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza

Posted By: Lucky Larry
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Recently Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, one of the areas premier clubs changed their menu. Some of the items I think were silly, but one of the new items is the Flatbread Pizza selection. Was invited there the other night from a friend who needed to kill his food minimum and had the opportunity to try it.

Like always, I ordered a plain one. I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't really enjoyed the other pizzas they serve here. Outside of Boca West Country Club which has its own pizza oven, many of the Country Clubs around Boca Raton seem to fail when it comes to their food selection (outside of some Brunch).


It didn't take long for this flatbread pizza to come out of the oven. When placed on the table in front of me the first thing I noticed was how much crust was on the corners. Whoever made this flatbread pizza for the Woodfield Country Club dining room, did not really make it with love and care. This is usually the sign of someone rushing food out and just applying the cheese and sauce without paying attention.


I lifted the first slice and I was quite impressed with how firm it was. It was as if they put some of the viagra that many of the Woodfield male residents probably take in the crust. I obviously say this in jest, any flatbread should be stiff. As I looked down I could see that the edges were almost burnt, and quite overcooked. Woodfield Country Club will have to do something about this, or the finicky residents will be sending back their food time after time after time. The taste of this flatbread really wasn't bad in my opinion. The cheese was good, the sauce was sweet, and the crust had a nice crispy, flaky, texture. If the pie wasn't so well done at the edges and the pizza maker actually put cheese and sauce to the crust, this flatbread could be sometime I continue to eat.

Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton gets a 4 out of 8 for their flatbread pizza.

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