Winners of #chevypizzacrawl 4

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Winners of #chevypizzacrawl 4

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Thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to win a seat in the #chevypizzacrawl4. Below you will find the winners of the seats in the event scheduled for March 19th. This event will take place all day, so please plan accordingly.

We will travel through three counties trying some amazing pizza at Nino's of Boca Raton 2, That Pizza Place in Miami, and Esposito's in Davie (wait until you try their Crusty Cheese Pizza, it is delicious).

If you are one of the winners below, you MUST get back to me by today with your shirt size and confirm you are able to go. If I do not hear from you by end of the day, I will have to give your seat away to one of the runner ups. Cannot wait to see everyone and have another amazing adventure.

I am so sorry if you did not get picked for this event, but we will have the Chevy Pizza Crawl 5 next month.

Here are the winners:




1. @stacismail

2. @amyvitale

3. @frenchfryfairy

4. @jasonarnoldfoto

5. @beahbunnie

6. @foodiesonthefly

7. @bonzoesc

8.@ johnnybond86

9. @socoolalex

10. @carlosmiller

11. @Aubrey_Swanson

12. @claudiaizet

13. @demipietchell

14. @Jeskova26

15.  @MRL731

16. @lorelama

17. @curiousjungle

18. Jen Lynn (please contact me since I donlt have your twitter name)

19. @elliem72



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