Angelina’s Pizzeria – The Only Pizza Choice in Key West

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Angelina’s Pizzeria – The Only Pizza Choice in Key West

Posted By: Big G
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Ed. Note:  This is the inaugural post from our new pizza expert, Gary

To me Angelina's Pizzeria is the best pizza while drinking all night on Duval Street. (208 Duval Street)  For some odd reason I always treat myself to a Hawaiian slice with ham and pineapple.  I then put too much hot red pepper on top.  If I cannot handle the pepper shaker, I sure will not operate a vehicle...

I never get it that way anywhere else, it is just a strange tradition of mine.

The Pizza is very good for Florida, but would be out of business within a week if it was located in NYC.  Slices are available as well as large pies.  The service is very fast.  That is a good thing when you are Starvin Marvin.

Dirty, noisy, and expensive (for pizza) but when the liquor makes you hungry for a late night feed, it is in the right place at the right time.  I guess location, location, location, is not just for real estate.  It works for Pizza too.

I will generously give it 6 out of 8 slices because of location and the average customers mindset / drunkenness.  **This is an impaired rating only! In NY it would be a 1 or 2 slices out of 8.  They have a Pac Man machine too.  (That's classy)  But it's Fifty cents to play (That's greedy)

** Impaired factor:  It is like wind chill factor.  But different.

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