Vittorio’s II Pizza Vero Beach

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Vittorio’s II Pizza Vero Beach

Posted By: miniexpert
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Vitorios Meat LoverAs the son of pizzaexpert, I hold pizza to a higher standard then most 11 year olds.  While visiting some family near Vero Beach, my uncle took me to a new pizza place called Vittorio's II Pizza located on Route 60.  After researching it seems like Vittorio's has another pizza location to the south, but I have not gone there yet.

The pizza I ordered was a meat lovers kind of slice.  The crust was very toasty (crisp) and all the toppings on it came out hot and fresh.  The cheese was very gooey, and tasted really good.  The sauce had little bits of tomato in it which I do not like.  I don't like chunky sauce on my pizza slice!

That is pretty much it, and as far as other slices I have had in the Vero Beach area, this one was pretty good.  I will give Vittorio's Pizza 5 out of 8 slices.

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  • 4125 9th Street SW Vero Beach, FL 32968