Vincent’s Clam Bar Pizza Carle Place, NY

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Vincent’s Clam Bar Pizza Carle Place, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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A long time ago in Naples somebody's grandparents perfected the art of making pizza and did it with love and attention to freshness. And so it goes at the temple of italian fare on Long Island, Vincent's Clam Bar, pizza chef from Naples, Italy included.

Only available from Monday through Thursday, this legendary landmark of fine dining always seems to surprise me with something old, something new. Although, never borrowed, never blue. Some have said that Vincent's Clam Bar even has the best Mozzarella Wedges they have tasted, others argue the pasta with garlic and oil is the best. Whatever the owner Bobby does here, is done correctly, since there is usually a wait of an hour or more and well worth it. Many of you reading this, probably have eaten there already and know how good it is.

Tonight my friends and I were treated to an unexpected surprise, a well made old school margherita abeetz pizza from Vincent's.

Everyone who knows anything about sauce, knows that Vincent's Clam Bar has the best red sauce for any occasion, be it their world famous fried calamari, pasta, frutti di mare, and pizza. Those with inside knowledge of the Pizza Experts eating habits, know that he buys Vincent's Mild Sauce by the case, since it is the only one he enjoys on his pasta.

Tonight's pizza pie was hand made, pressed to perfection and brushed with extra virgin olio. The hand pressing technique used, resulted in a flat crispy browned bottom and small grooves - finger pressed pockets - on top to hold fresh bufala mozzarella, San Marzano tomato sauce and some nice fresh garlic which just tasted delicious.

Considering tonight was election night on Long Island for NYS Supreme Court nominees, it was only appropriate to cast my vote in favor of Vincent's fresh margherita pizza pie. It sets the bar at a solid 7 of 8 on the scales of pizza justice and can easily meet the standard of a VPN pizza.

Vincent's Clam Bar in Carle Place, New York gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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