Victor’s Cafe Pizza West Palm Beach Worth Avenue

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Victor’s Cafe Pizza West Palm Beach Worth Avenue

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is tucked away on the back walkway to Worth Avenue in West Palm Beach.  So as I give this review, please note I am wearing yellow shorts, a pink striped shirt, lofas with no socks, and I have my nose in the air.  Also I am speaking with a closed jaw and think I am better then everyone reading this.

My wife and I found ourselves walking along Worth Avenue on Palm Beach Island after spending the night at the Breakers Hotel and Resort!  Pretty fancy of us eh?  Anyways, we got hungry and found Victor's Cafe.  I was psyched to see they had pizza and just put out a fresh uncooked lump of Sicilian style dough in the display case.  I proceeded to order a slice of the regular, "you mean cheese sir", no I mean regular please.  "So a cheese slice", no a regular one will be fine thanks.  So after what seemed to be about 2 minutes of trying to explain I want a regular slice, and if their regular slices didn't come with cheese then I guess I would suffer, I got my slice of pizza.  This is no cheap slice, but in this case I can understand why.  Their rent must be enormous in this little tucked away location!  So I will not hold the price against them in this review.  We were happy enough to have found this quaint cafe.

When I got to the table, my pizza fell on the floor and that was a bit aggrevating!  So I went and ordered another regular slice without the same cheese slice trouble as last time, and cautiously walked it to the table.  You might have thought the guy behind the counter would have asked what happened to the first slice I got a second ago, but he must have been too busy thinking of what the Polo score was, and if his girlfriend Muffy had gone to see it.

Victor's Cafe does not mean to serve bad pizza, you can tell they actually use some pretty fresh ingredients and care about the preparation of it.  There is no way they could last serving the crowd they cater too for all these years if they served crap.  So when I say I don't like it, it is only my opinion as the Expert.  The sauce was too clumpy for me and in this instance the cheese was barely added on.  Therefor the cheese:sauce ratio was way off.  This is ok when the sauce tastes sweet and tasty, but Victor's sauce is a bit too gourmet for me and just didn't make for an enjoyable slice.  The crust was ok, but overall it is not a slice I would enjoy having again.

If you do find yourself on Worth Avenue though, Victor's is worth checking out for some of their other food, and it is really a cute place to visit.  It is located in the Gucci courtyard on 240 Worth Avenue 561.514.4959.  Victor's Cafe Pizza gets 2 out of 8 slices from me.

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