Vezzo’s Thin Crust Pizza NYC

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Vezzo’s Thin Crust Pizza NYC

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After appearing on a TV show in NYC about pizza, it was recommended to me that I go across from the studio to try what the producer called his favorite pizza place. Vezzo's Thin Crust Pizza is located on Lexington Avenue and 31st street. On this off hour that we went there was still a wait. This seemed promising to say the least. After about 10 minutes we were seated and I started to look around at what my closest tables had ordered. They all looked delicious and I couldn't wait to get my individual pie.

Our server wasn't extremely attentive and this is most likely the reason for the wait. If the staff knew how to get people in and out they wouldn't have so many people standing around waiting to get a seat. When she finally did come over I ordered a plain pie. This was the last we saw of the server, no offer for refills, no eye contact, no nothing. The pie came out extremely fast, which was a plus. This pizza is thin like Nicole Richie and as crisp as a newly starch dress shirt. It was quite oily, but I still was loving the presentation.

If you do not like wafer thin crust, then Vezzo's is probably not the place for you. This is thin thin, like matzo thin. The pizza itself was actually kind of bland. Not in a good or bad way, it just was lacking some taste, or kick. It was most likely the ingredients in the sauce since the crust tasted fine and the cheese wasn't cheap. The sauce should set this place apart since it is so thin.  The crust flaked in my mouth and complemented the cheese.  Seating is not in abundance and cramped.  Get there no later than 6pm to avoid the wait.

Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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