Vendettas Pizza Vail Colorado Not The Worst Pizza Anymore

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Vendettas Pizza Vail Colorado Not The Worst Pizza Anymore

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Reviewed by Herb

Anyone who has spent any time in Vail Colorado knows Vendetta’s Italian. Right across from Phil Long’s, Red Lion Pub, Vendetta’s has become the destination for late night Pizza after a long night of partying. As far as why people go to Vendetta’s is simple – it’s the only place open that late at night. As such I must admit in the past I have been on line there only to receive a slice of their poor pizza. After taking a bite back then I remember throwing it down vowing never to return. Well the other day I was walking through Vail Village and smelled what smelled like delicious pizza. As I walked closer I couldn’t believe my eyes it was leading to Vendetta’s. The place looked the same dank and well a little skanky but alas the pizza smelled good. I had no choice but to investigate. I sat out on the back deck outside and ordered a pizza with pepperoni and meatballs and to my surprise it was actually good, well to be honest much better than good it was very good. I was shocked and almost disappointed that the pizza was very good as I was expecting to write a very negative review. Well I guess that sums it up Vendetta’s has redeemed itself. So go ahead stroll over to Vendetta’s and have that slice late night you’ll be happy you did.

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