Veggie Slice…All The Way. Casola’s Pizza, Miami.

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Veggie Slice…All The Way. Casola’s Pizza, Miami.

Posted By: Mike L
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when my slice came out. I seriously thought Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out with the cameras and the laugh was on me. But they were 100 percent serious when they brought the tray out.

Casola’s in Miami Roads is known for its free samples and “double slice” slices and but this was the biggest slice I have been served there since I started going in 1992.   It was so big it was almost a garden disguised as a slice of pizza.  It was so heavy it bended the tray. And it was so voluminous, it couldn’t be finished in one sitting.

But how was this slice from this mom and pop pizzeria and sub shop that has been going 30 years strong?

The slice took forever by pizzeria standards to come out but the free samples made up for it.  A guesstimate of contents: half a can of mushrooms, half a can of black olives, half an onion, half a pepper, a tomato or two and I didn’t even catch what else. It surely was kitchen sink vegetable though.  The slice suffered from what sometimes can be a Casola’s shortcoming- the slice was way underdone. I’ll only take half the blame. I should have ordered it crispy. As you can see from the picture it was about three fingers thick and any attempt to eat it with the New York fold was just a joke.  It was even a joke with plastic fork and knife.  I would have been better served using garden tools to try to conquer this vegetable behemoth.

Taste. It almost didn’t taste like pizza. I couldn’t even notice the cheese, if there was even a crust or if there was flour on it or not.  The slice set me back $7.77 which I find reasonable for two meals. But it was just too much to make me feel like I was having a pizza experience. If I had to do it over again, I’d tell them to go easy on the veggies and to make it crispy. Part of this was my fault for not thinking ahead and doing this the first time around. It wasn’t a bad slice, it just wasn’t a great slice.

Casola’s veggie slice all the way gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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