Uncle Joe’s Pizza Lake Grove Long Island

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Uncle Joe’s Pizza Lake Grove Long Island

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Unclejoes.jpgUncle Joes Pizza is just down the block from La Grova.  I thought La Grova would be my favorite of the day, but Uncle Joe's held its own.  Upon talking to the owner of Uncle Joe's, it quickly became apparent, this guy and I have similar views on pizza.

Uncle Joe's opened up 25 years ago, and as the owner states: "it was back when people didn't put toppings on their slices of pizza.When you wanted a slice, you just said give me a slice."  Prior to opening in Lake Grove they were in Astoria then Lynbrook, Rosedale, and Albertson.

The last place before he took this location over was in Selden.

The crust was crispy, and the cheese layered on top of it was beautiful tasting and melted to perfection.  Sauce was good and all around it was a great slice.

I remember when I moved to Florida I met a guy from Lake Grove who swore by this place.  From the outside it looks kind of run down, and it is easy to pass by.  I am quite thankful I took the time to try Uncle Joe's Pizza, and as for right now, it is my favorite slice in Lake Grove.

Uncle Joe's Pizza in Lake Grove gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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