Uncle Dan’s Pizza Chicago Double Decker Pizza

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Uncle Dan’s Pizza Chicago Double Decker Pizza

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uncle-dan.jpgAfter hearing about Uncle Dan’s “double-decker pizza” from a friend, I decided it was imperative that I check this pizza pub out. Located in Park Ridge on 27 South Northwest Highway 847.698.9800, where La Tasca (the tapas restaurant) once resided, I was amused at the difference in its prior décor. To put in simply, Uncle Dan’s looks like Potbelly’s.

The wooden booths and the chalky signs are nearly identical to Potbelly’s style. The similarities are not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not sure this pizza place wants to so closely resemble a restaurant that is located a block away. The servers were very nice and eager to help…but a little clueless. Our table was not the only one with a slightly messed-up order; the table next to us also got a “I’m-so-sorry” apology.

The pizza, however, was great! The double-decker pizza is actually 2 thin layers of crust, seemingly (or perhaps “seamingly,” aha) woven together with the layer of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Everything tasted remarkably fresh, and I was most impressed with the sweet aftertaste of the Italian beef complemented perfectly with green peppers and giardineria. The price was also right for a thick, 3-topping, 12-inch double-decker pizza for just under $18. Definitely stop by 27 S Northwest Hwy and try the double-decker. You can also visit its website:

Uncle Dan's Pizza & Pub in Park Ridge gets 6 out of 8 slices

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