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Two New Yorkers Pizza Boca Raton

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Out in the South West portion of Boca Raton lies a pretty dead, and unappealing strip mall. Never would have I thought to eat at a place there until many years ago Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza opened up shop. Many others seem to venture into this plaza, since there is also an Oriental Massage, which I am sure is licensed and sanitary. Well, Tony's eventually went under and a couple of other pizza guys tried their luck, but also failed. Several months ago I noticed that a new pizza place took over in this west Boca Raton area again. Two New Yorkers is the name of the new joint, so when heading down 441 one day I stopped in to check out what they had going on.

There were a few aesthetic changes inside Two New Yorkers Pizza, but didn't really seem like much of a difference. Certainly appeared cleaner than some of the other places before it. Typical goombah photos since that is so original a decoration to have in a pizza place. Not sure why pizza places think that by having murderers and criminals on the wall makes it seem like a true Italian pizza place, but to each their own, I guess it is the cheapest way to decorate a place. They should have spent more time and energy designing their website since even some sites that have been up since the creation of the internet (thanks Al Gore) look nicer than the one they have.

I placed my order and the guy behind the counter (I think one of the owners) told me to have a seat for some reason. I got my can of soda and asked for a cup, but for some odd reason he told me to wait and would get it for me soon. This seemed weird to me since I was the only customer in there and he couldn't possibly have been that busy to just get me the cup right then and there. While I was waiting a lady came in and she was told that she could sit down as well. She asked if the food she ordered was done and the guy told her since they do not have a conveyor belt and everything is fresh she would have to wait a bit. Not that this is bad to make pizza fresh, it just didn't come out the way it should have.

Forgot to mention that I got the 2 slices and a soda for only $4.79 during lunch and that is a great deal. This could be one of the best lunch deals in town. The slice was huge and thin, and was pretty much the way I enjoy eating pizza, regardless of the city that the owners attach the name of to. The crust tasted good, but the sauce had peel in it which as I sure you know, I cannot stand, so therefore I didn't care much for it. The sauce also possessed a bitter taste to it, which also didn't make me love it. The crust was cooked a little well done, but it held up nicely. The cheese tasted average, but I wasn't blown away by this pizza.

Not extremely great quality, but for the money I will not complain too much about the taste, since $4.79 doesn't make me think I am getting the highest quality to begin with. I didn't like that on this visit they had no napkins on the table, so I had to go back up to the counter to ask for them.

Mozzarella wedges were good, and surprisingly better than most of the other pizza joints around it. I would go back for these alone. I truly hope this pizza gets better as time goes on, cause these guys seem like a real mom and pop type of place, and I always root for them to succeed.

Two New Yorkers, I also feel you should switch to paper plates with wax paper.

Two New Yorkers Pizza in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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