Trattoria Pizzeria at the Aviano Inn, Italy

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Trattoria Pizzeria at the Aviano Inn, Italy

Posted By: Jessie
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I speak only for myself when talking about real pizza from Italy. I am no expert but I can surely describe how lightly the pizza is made there.

Right in the northeastern region of Italy, in the town of Aviano, lies Trattoria Pizza at the Aviano Inn.  It is situated not too far from The Aviano Airbase. Having never gone to Italy before, I was a bit clueless as to how the Italians made their pizza.

First, let me just mention to you that eating pizza there is an event all on it's own. Let's not forget, there are other courses that go with it. From what I was told by a local is that, Italians will come out to restuarants with friends and familia to enjoy a two hour or more meal which normally begins around 5pm.  This is actually the time businesses open again for the evening crowd.

There are numerous courses to enjoy from pre-drinks (spritzers), appetizers, main courses (usually that go with red wine) then desert and cappacino/espresso. Last but not least, an alcholic lemon flavored shot to help digest the feast.

The view we had was phenomenal.

I came with an open mind, yet somewhat assumed that real Italian pizza would be rich, flavorful, and would come with a good amount of red sauce. Not to mention, a decent amount of mozzarella on
that nice rich, semi sweet crust, but, "hello!".

Reality Check:

Italianos are all about the lightness in food. The pizza we ordered at Trattoria was served within
an adequate time frame, and consisted of zuchinni, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers. We sat outside on wooden chairs where we had a great view of the Alps. My first bite was hard, and dry. I was thirsty for that sauce which it completely lacked. I was really dissapointed to not find it under the cheese.
Though the waitress was young and moody, the food was served properly and the tab wasn't too excessive, in euros of course. I just didn't have the appetite or energy to finish the pizza. There were other dishes on the table that were more flavorful on the table. To top it off, the toppings were healthy however, I hate to insult but great pizzas can be found less than a mile away in your town.
If you wish to diet and are tempted to eat something semi tasteless and hard/thin, please have a light one on me, in northeastern Italy. Otherwise, great pizza can be found less than a mile away!  Trattoria Pizzeria gets 4 out of 8 slices

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