Tower of Pizza Key Largo Florida

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Tower of Pizza Key Largo Florida

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The ambiance matched that of a typical pizzeria with red & white checkered table cloths albeit with a bit more of a tropical theme.  We ordered a well-done pie with 1/2 light cheese. Upon its arrival, I was very happy that I ordered light cheese on my part.  The cheese on the regular slices was so thick that it could have been mistaken for a white pizza.
Upon biting into my slice, it had a familiar taste.  It was good but was missing something.  The wife and I agreed that it wasn't cooked evenly with some spots better done than others.  I would have liked more sauce but overall taste was good. The further into the slice I got, the more I enjoyed it.  The crust was very good; bordering on excellent.  The pizza went from average to above average just based on the crust.  It had a nice crunch and was nice and airy.
The only thing that would keep me from returning to Tower of Pizza next time I am in Key Largo is that I would want to give a different pizzeria a try so I would be able to compare.  They were really nice and gave my kids lollipops when we were done.  Overall, a nice experience. 5 out of 8 slices.
How I like my pizza:
I like my pizza well-done with light cheese.  I like when the flavors are well balanced.  I find that many places put too much cheese on making the pizza soggy.  It also overpowers the taste of the sauce and crust.

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