Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza Boca Raton

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Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza Boca Raton

Posted By: Matt's Pizza
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Authentic Brooklyn Pizza.  And so far, I like it.  The pizza is about as authentic as New York pizza gets down here.  The right amount of sauce, cheese and crust.  It’s not heavy or leaden like some other place that ‘claim” to be of New York descent.  And it is a casual place to stop by for a slice if your in the area.

Remembering this extremely long name is another story, good thing I am only focusing on the pizza. The pizza is as good as Nino’s so its really a matter of location when trying to decide between the two.  I give it 6 of 8 slices.  Hear that Nino’s, add counter service and you get 6 of 8 from me!!!  You increase a full point!

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