Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

Posted By: Pizza Expert
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After finding out that Tony was no longer at Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton and that his wife Sam was running the place, I had to go back and try the pizza to see if it was still the same. Since Sam is running the place this makes her one of a handful of female owners in Palm Beach County Florida who are running their own pizza places. The only other one I actually know of is Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach. If you know of any others please notify me so I can do a special segment on the best.

The place seemed a little dirtier since I noticed ants around the tables, but the pizza tasted pretty much the same as it did last time outside of the cheese that was put on top not being cooked well enough into the slice. Not exactly sure why she did this, but it is easily fixed, and I will mention it next time I am there. I also would like the meatballs to be cooked more before putting them on the slices! I will give this 4 out of 8 slices.

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