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Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza Boca Raton

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img_0702If you like burnt pizza then Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton is just the place for you.  I couldn't believe how every single sliced pie looked burnt there.  Almost like they burnt them from other orders, and just put them out to sell as slices.  Tony's is located on 23269 State Road 7, Boca Raton, 1-(561)-483-6464.

Since Tony, of Tony's Pizza left the place over a year ago, and after the owners daughter left as well, I haven't really gone out of my way to try it again.  Since they invited me a while back, I promised them I would eventually get there and see if anything had changed.  Tony, used to make a bad ass pizza.  Probably one of the best in Boca!  After he left, I figured the pizza would naturally take a slide for the worst.

Upon walking inside of Tony's Pizza, I noticed right away that they had made some minor, yet well applauded design changes.  The kitchen no longer had an opening in to the dining room, the ceiling tiles were freshly painted and the place just seemed more inviting.  But who cares about all this right?  Let's get down to the pizza.  Like I said previously, every slice looked kind of burnt, but I figured I wouldn't complain to them and ordered a slice anyways.  The guy behind the counter wasn't overally friendly, but wasn't rude either.  He explained to me that the same guy (who I really disliked back when Tony ran the place) still owned it, but has new management running it.  When the slice came out of the oven it was super crisp and held up beautifully, just like Tony made it.  But I guess when it was already so well done, if it had sagged and flopped over, this place would have failed dramatically.

Once I got over the charred taste of over cooked pizza, I realized little had changed about the recipe and it actually tasted decent.  Tony's is one of the few places you can actually order from the counter and take the dangerous walk with your own slice to your own chosen table.  Still unsure how all these places can mangage to entrust the carrying of a paper plate 10 steps to their seat without getting a server involved! (note the sarcasm)

In my opinion, if you live in the area out on 441, it is probably worth ordering from Tony's instead of the other places nearby.  Thick and Thin is pretty good, but I like the little place less traveled.  You can even go and get an asian massage while you wait for your pizza.  How convenient!

Tony's Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices.  Next time I come, if the pizza is still as well done, you will lose points!

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