Tommaso’s Pizza Smithtown New York

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Tommaso’s Pizza Smithtown New York

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tomassossmithtown.jpgburntpizza.jpgObviously I didn't eat the Sicilian shown in the photo above.  It was overcooked on top, and raw looking on the bottom.  It appeared to have sat there most of the day with no takers.  Since I am not a gambling man, there was no chance of me trying this.

I did, however gamble with the regular slice.  Based upon my initial impression from window shopping it, the slice looked pretty edible.  After ordering a slice, my dad and I came to discover that Tommaso's had only been open for a few months.  My dad found this odd since it seems like another pizza joint was there for only a short while. Evidently the place changes ownership a lot.  The owner told us they get plenty of lunch traffic, but dinner time is challenging, since there are so many places locally that families can choose from.

Anyone knows, that if you serve a good pie, at good prices, people will frequent your shop.  I was hoping this was the case, since I never want to see a mom and pop style pizza place go under.  The slice only cost $1.75 which is quite a value nowadays.  When the slice came out, it looked great.  The crust was crisp, and the cheese was melting over the sides.  I couldn't wait to take a bit!

My first bite revealed a really good tasting crust, that held up well.  The cheese tasted fantastic and it was just the right amount.  The sauce here could have used a bit more flavor to it.  Really wasn't too crazy about it.  Hopefully they will rework the recipe and put a little more thought into making it taste sweeter.

My father got a slice with meatballs on it, and I couldn't believe the size of the toppings they put on here.  They were quite possibly the biggest meatballs I have seen placed on a pizza.

For the value, and quality of taste I would go to Tommaso's in lieu of many of the other local shops around this Jericho Turnpike corridor.

Tommaso's Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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