The Weirdest Pizza: Rethinking Pizza, a Daily News Wonder Piece

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The Weirdest Pizza: Rethinking Pizza, a Daily News Wonder Piece

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pizzacartoon.jpgSo, I'm looking at The Daily News and reading this article from June 9 titled Rethinking Pizza: Look beyond the parlor for topping ideas and it gets me thinking. Thinking about pizza, of course, which is generally what I'm always thinking about anyway.

This put me on a new track, though. “What if I've been in a rut with my pizza? What if I'm getting stagnant and thinking too narrowly about the wonders of the Pie?” I considered this and began to ponder the possibilities that the pizza pie might be able to offer, but that I've been too tunnel-visioned to think about.

So I busted out my iPhone and started jotting some notes on some unique pizzas that I might like to try. I figured that if I can't make them myself, maybe one of my chef friends at one of my favorite pizza joints would do it special order.

Here's some of what I came up with:

The Donut Pizza
I love donuts. Not as much as I like pizza, but I still love 'em. What better than to combine my other breakfast favorite, cold pizza, with donuts and coffee? So I designed a pizza whose crust with the edge of the crust being a glazed donut, the under-crust being a thin crust Italiano, and the toppings being a mixture of lightly spiced ham, eggs, and sun-dried tomatoes.

I showed this to my friend Herb. He didn't respond, he just sent this via Twitter: “#FAIL Donut Pizza. That's just gross, man.”

The Tongan Pizza
I have a friend who loves Tongan food. You know, all that extreme BBQ stuff they're famous for. I had some once and can see what he's talking about. It's great stuff. So I figured “Why not on a pizza?” The recipe is pretty simple and I'd have to have a Tongan chef fill in some of the blanks, since I don't know how all that underground BBQ stuff works with the fire pit and all. It involves a pig, a four foot round pizza crust, and optional peppers.

Nobody was impressed with this. Lucky for me, Tongans are generally happy people and I received a lot of good-natured laughing over my idea. Better than getting beat up.

The Ho-Down BBQ Pizza
On the trend of the great outdoor BBQ pizza plan, I decided to try a traditional American BBQ idea that involves pizza. I envisioned great slabs of beef being slow-cooked over a fire with some brimstone (or whatever they call it) crackling underneath a wrap-style, thick and kind of flaky pizza crust. Plenty of sauce lathered all up and down the insides.

This one got some good reviews, actually. My friend in Wyoming thought it was a great plan and said he'd give it a shot over the weekend. Haven't heard back from him yet.

The final one is based on the last pizza idea in the Daily News article. It's called the “Coca Spanish Pizza.” Because this blog is family safe, I had to delete that one. Sorry, but I'm not sure I really want the DEA visiting my house.

So there you go. Some of my random pizza ideas. Got any to share? Comment below with your ideas!

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