The Globe – Downtown Orlando – Worst Pizza

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The Globe – Downtown Orlando – Worst Pizza

Posted By: Lapp
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Ok pizza lovers, I have just found a place that for the time being will wear the crown of WORST PIZZA I have eaten recently.  Until another place comes along to overthrow it, The Globe in downtown Orlando has to be some of the most rancid pizza I have eaten.  I was up in Orlando for and while my family went to Disney World or Universal I was left to eat alone.  In all fairness The Globe does not claim to be a pizzeria, but since it had pizza on the menu it has to be held accountable.   It was so terrible that I actually took one bite and asked the friendly bartender for a to go box since I didn't have the heart to tell her what I really felt.  Honestly I do not even know where to start, to explain what made it so terrible.  The crust sucked, the sauce was TERRIBLE!  The cheese wasn't cooked enough...and so on, so on, and so on!  I would have given it to a homeless person, but I did not want to make them suffer!  This place gets 0 out of 8 total slices, since I do not have a negative slice....yet

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