Take Away Pizza Barcelona Spain

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Take Away Pizza Barcelona Spain

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takeawaypizza.jpgtake-away.jpgTake Away pizza in Barcelona has to be the best pizza I have ever tasted in this beautiful city,  well the first bite anyway.  Let me explain why the first bite was so good.  It was 3:30 in Barcelona, and we were hungry.

My wife and I had spent the better part of the morning and afternoon doing "the tourist" thing around the city.  After visiting what seemed to be the 9th museum, and like 15th monument devoted to some explorer, I realized we hadn't had a bite to eat.  I suggested to my wife that we tried to eat something, and she couldn't agree more since we were about to pass out from starvation.

Since we were in such a rush to eat, sitting in a cafe for an hour, waiting for a server, just didn't seem like a viable option.

They advertised pizza, pastries, churros, and it looked like your typical tourist trap joint by the Christoper Columbus monument.  Since we were starving we could have gotten something to eat here, or just walk away and find a place down the block.  We chose to go in and try it.

The pizza was basically frozen pizza!  The first bite was great since I was starving, then after chewing I realized what I was embarking on.  The spice that looked like oregano was just nasty. The stuff that they passed off as cheese was kind of yellow and rubbery. To top it all off, the pizza was served on the cardboard plate that the original frozen pizza came in.

Take Away Pizza in Barcelona gets 1 out of 8 slices.

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  • Plaça Portal de la Pau, 4 - Codi Postal Spain 08002