Ta-boo Palm Beach Worth Ave Pizza

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Ta-boo Palm Beach Worth Ave Pizza

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Went to a charity event at Ta-boo Restaurant in Palm Beach the other night to help out the Fisher House. I have always enjoyed my meals at Ta-boo during my previous visits to Worth Ave, but I never ordered the pizza there. I do not even think I ever noticed pizza on the menu at Ta-boo, so when I saw them serving pizza during the event, I couldn't wait to check it out. During a previous visit to Ta-boo I actually sat at a table next to Rod Stewart for what it is worth.

The waiters were placing small pies cut up into even smaller bite size pizzas, with nothing to pick them up with, and I was getting disgusted watching all the attendees grab the slices with their hands, so I waited for the next fresh pie to come out and grabbed a few slices before anyone else could manhandle them.

My first mini slice was pretty good. The crust was extremely crisp and had a nice grilled taste to it. My second slice had a lot of basil on it, so I spent a little bit peeling it off and then ate it. The cheese had a nice almost buttery taste to it, and it was laid evenly across a decent tasting sweet sauce. The crust tasted pretty damn good, and I was impressed that a fancy restaurant like this only charges $10.50 for this quality pie. Many other pizza operators could learn a thing or two about charging appropriately.

Ta-boo isn't just a place to be seen in your overstated Palm Beach clothing. Ta-boo is a really good restaurant and well worth checking out, not just for the pizza, but for all the items on their menu. Although the pizza was "perfect" it was good enough for me to want to go back and try it again. On my next visits to Ta-boo in Palm Beach I will continue to order the classic pizza, just without the basil.

Ta-boo Restaurant gets 5 out of 8 slices for their pizza.

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