Stuffed Vegetable Pizza Sbarro UCF

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Stuffed Vegetable Pizza Sbarro UCF

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ucf-sabarro-stuffed-pizza1I had a stuffed slice of pizza filled with spinach, broccoli, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese from the Sbarro in the UCF Student Union. While most pizzerias in the New York area seem to always have this type of pizza available, you have to be really lucky to find stuffed pizza in Florida.

In fact, besides  Sbarro restaurants, I can't think of any restaurants in Florida that serve pizza like this, and even then it's not necessarily something Sbarro always has. The other Sbarro owned restaurants outside of food courts like Carmela's don't have this type of pizza on their menus. It's a shame too, because stuffed vegetable pizza is one of my favorites. This particular slice wasn't the best, but it tasted good enough for Florida's slim pickings for stuffed pizza. It could have used a little more stuffing and it felt like it was sitting out a little too long, although I shouldn't expect too much from a Sbarro in a college food court. The sesame seeds on top were a nice touch. Perhaps the worst thing about the slice was what they charged for it. With tax, a single slice of pizza came out to $4.88. That means they get almost $40 for a eight slice pie. I imagine that is quite a profit margin.

4 out of 8 Slices

Next time I am craving pizza in the UCF area, I need to give Lazy Moon a try. I keep on hearing good things about them and their giant 30" pizzas.

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