Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza Boca Raton

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Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza Boca Raton

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img_0540img_0541img_0543Steve's Wood Fired Pizza is located towards the western part of Boca Raton. Just west of Lyons Road actually. Went there with Jimbo the other night. Originally we were going to Mama's Pizza, but decided to try a place I haven't reviewed yet. Sorry Mama's!

Steve's Wood Fired Pizza has been around for quite a few years now. I remember going to eat there with some friends a long time ago, before we used to watch Alias on ABC. The owner there is very involved and takes great pride in making his customers happy.

It is a quaint dark atmosphere, with a wonderful aroma. Let's start with the staff. The staff at Steve's Pizza is amazing. They help each other and make sure you never have an empty glass of soda, and help you along ordering. Smiles are not out of style here. What seems to be out of style here though is a decent portion for the price.

As you can see by my photos above, the pizza wasn't even the size of a straw. And once cut the slices were about half the size of a fork. For about $10 bucks, I feel ripped off. The pizza was decent, but far from perfect. Cooking in a wood fired oven, doesn't guarantee that the pizza will actually taste great. The sauce was bland, and needed a bit more of a sweeter taste in my opinion. The crust happened to be crisp and firm, but at the tiny size the slices were, if the crust flopped, this place wouldn't deserve to stay open.

I will definitely try Steve's pizza again, since past experiences have been better, but Steve I really suggest either lowering the price of these micro sized pies, or making them a bit bigger. Nobody wants to feel ripped off. Your staff is amazing, and you place is adorable. But there is nothing cute about the size pizza we had.

Steve's Wood Fired Pizza in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices, and micro sized slices at that.

March 20th:

It should be pointed out, as Steve himself sent to me..

Steves Money back guarantee.
"I stand behind my product, should you ever be disappointed for any reason, let me know.  If I cant make it right, I'll give you your money back, every penny!"

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