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Stallone’s Pizza Boca Raton

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first opened in Boca Raton, it didn't even dawn on me that I knew it from Long Island.  My wife and I were eating dinner there when the owners father came over to see if we were enjoying our meal.  He mentioned that he owned a couple of places in Long Island.  I told him I recalled eating at a place my mother used to take me to called Stallone's near what used to be Pergaments when I was a kid and I used to order a Billy Burger.  But outside this type of fast food place I had never eaten at Stallone's before.  Who would have guessed that this guy used to own that burger joint too!

So obviously I was a little biased and immediately wanted to like this place, if for no other reason then for nostalgia.  Usually it was a treat to go to this place since it wasn't too close to the house.  The first dozen or so times I ate at Stallone's I always ordered pasta dishes and never really tasted the pizza.  My family and I stopped going to Stallone's for a couple of years due to the prices constantly rising.  Just became too much to go there as often as we used to.  I always noticed that they had one of these fancy pizza ovens.  A smaller type of version then the one that Mario's has in Boca Raton.

The other day my father-in-law was visiting and suggested we take my son for pizza.  Since I had to go down the block to run an errand first, I suggested we try Stallone's.

Let me backtrack a second.  Back at my old office we used to order pizza from Stallone's occasionally and it was usually pretty decent, but I never judged it since by the time it got to the office it was always soggy.  Technically we were too far for them to deliver to, so I never complained.

We ordered a plain pie and waited.  When the pie came out it looked nice and hot and had a great presentation.  Only thing was it looked tiny.  This was not a very large pie.  Maybe 16 inches at most.  After letting it cool for a minute or so, we all bit in.  Oddly enough at the same time we all said "too much sauce".  Stallone's piles on the sauce!  Not that their sauce is nasty, but too much causes the dough to get soggy and the cheese to fall off and this is exactly the experience we had there.  None of us wanted another slice due to the consistency of this pizza.

The ingredients they are using are very good, and my issue isn't with the taste so much as it is with their ratio when making it.  Why have the expensive pizza oven if you will just throw garbage into it?  Take your time Stallone's and make each pizza with care, your customers will notice.
I will give Stallone's in Boca Raton 4 out of 8 slices.

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