St. James Pizza in St. James, NY

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St. James Pizza in St. James, NY

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My sister's friend informed me that there was a new pizza place that opened up out in St. James, over by the car dealerships, simply called St. James Pizza. She had previously gone there and enjoyed it and suggested that perhaps we have lunch there to see what I thought of it.

After parking on the side of the building we walked towards St. James Pizza. Once inside you can easily tell that St. James Pizza is still new. Everything seemed clean and in place, and looked extremely inviting.

I ordered one regular and one sicilian slice. After explaining it a couple of times to the kid behind the counter, he got it right and put them in the oven for me. I sat down and checked the place out, admiring the tile work by the counter. St. James proudly displays a nice variety of pizzas behind a glass encasement, so it is safe to say anyone can find a pizza they like here.

My slices came out quick and I feared they might be cold due to lack of proper cooking. I bit into the Sicilian slice first and enjoyed the consistency. As I suspected it was luke warm and I would have enjoyed it much better if it was hotter. Hopefully St. James Pizza pays attention to the cooking times. The place wasn't too busy, so there was no reason to rush the slice out.

This was a heavy slice, and although a little smaller than it should have been since the pie wasn't evenly cut, I enjoyed the taste. The sauce was garlicky but still decent. It was smooth and tasty. The crust wasn't cooked the right amount of time, as I said above, but it tasted very good. The cheese was a quality blend and I most certainly would return next time I am in St. James to have this Sicilian slice again.

The regular slice wasn't as great as the Sicilian. It tasted average, like a slice you can find elsewhere around town. The regular slice contained a bit too much flour and the crust was too thick and puffy at the edge. The cheese and the sauce tasted the same as above, but for some reason I wasn't blow away by this slice.

Sister had the Eggplant slice and really enjoyed it so something tells me she will frequenting this pizzeria since she lives nearby. I suppose I will find myself also returning for the Sicilian slice, as well as the garlic knots since they were quite tasty as well.

St. James Pizza in St. James New York gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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  • 737 Middle Country Rd St James, NY 11767