Spritz Pizza Coral Gables, Miami

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Spritz Pizza Coral Gables, Miami

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We found ourselves down in Coral Gables the other night, well actually we started off at Merrick Park, but slowly made our way up to one of my favorite sections of Miami soon after. We all seemed to want different places to eat and nobody would compromise as to which place we should choose. That is when it hit me! Spris Pizza has a location in Coral Gables and I really haven't had a bad experience at this specific location.

As we drove up Ponce De Leon and began looking for a parking spot, I noticed there was no place called Spris Pizza anymore and instead was a place that looked similar called Spritz Pizza. It seemed too similar in name to not be related to the old place so we parked and headed on in. I was hopeful the old owner Julio still was in charge of the place.


Nothing inside Spritz Pizza looked different, outside of the oven having some new paint on it. We sat down and each ordered something different off the menu. I of course opted for a plain pizza with no basil.

spritz_appetizer.jpgWhile we were waiting for the food, they were kind enough to drop off some awesome tasting Bruschetta appetizer. Although it was just pizza dough with some seasoning, everyone at the table found the taste to be excellent.


The food didn't take too long to arrive at the table. Although my pie looked great, it had a good amount of basil on top of it. Instead of sending it back I sat there and picked off all the green pieces which had managed to melt into the delicious looking cheese. This is only a photo after I managed to pick off about 85% of the basil.

Although this pie wasn't cooked as long as I hoped, upon my first bite it tasted excellent. The fresh tasting cheese tasted quite extraordinary on top of the smooth and somewhat sweet tasting sauce. The thin crust was crisp but could have benefited from another minute in their wood burning oven. The taste of the crust was pretty good as well. Spritz certainly uses the finest of ingredients when making their pizza.

Spritz Pizza in Coral Gables is definitely a place I will continue to frequent when down in Miami. The old managing partner of Spris Pizza, which used to be located here, is now the sole owner of this new pizza establishment. There is no relationship between Spritz and Spris pizza anymore.

Hopefully Spritz Pizza will get a new website since their current one is hurting!

Spritz Pizza in Coral Gables gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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  • 2305 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL 33134