Spris Pizzeria South Beach Miami Best Pizza

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Spris Pizzeria South Beach Miami Best Pizza

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img_0719img_0717After spending a weekend at a tech conference, it was a nice surprise to find Spris Pizzeria on Lincoln Road.  731 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach (305) 673-2020.  Spris is owned by the same group that seems to own half of Lincoln Road.  They also have another location in Coral Gables I have eaten at and enjoyed.

Upon entering this chic looking establishment, your eyes are immediately drawn to this beautifully tiled pizza oven (if you make it past the beautiful Venezuelan waitress).  Big G and I were seated and our gorgeous waitress asked for our orders.  I didn't even look at the menu, and proceeded to order my usual plain pie not realizing they didn't have slices.  Big G ordered some type of Hawaiian concoction (not sure when he will realize plain is better).

When the pizza was served, I was in heaven.  The way it looked and sat on the plate reminded me of the time I spent living in Scandinavia and traveling throughout Europe.  I used to sit down and get these individual thin pies served to me, and absolutely loved it.  For a moment, when my eyes laid upon this pizza, I was brought back to one of the best moments in my life.  Not a bad way to start off, considering I hadn't even tried the pizza yet.

Although I had asked for the pizza without basil, they obviously put it on as you can see by the photo.  So after spending about 4 minutes picking each one of pieces off, I took my first bite.  I thought this pizza was amazing, and tasted just like those European places I loved so much.  Initially I feared that Spris would just be some type of tourist trap, that would serve a bunch of crap, with cheap ingredients, and try to pass it off as pizza.  Spris Pizza is nothing like this.  You can taste the fresh ingredients they put into their pie.  You can see the pride the pizza maker puts into each pie he serves.  Spris, you have won me over and I will certainly return next time I am in town.  I am kind of surprised you haven't won more local awards.

Spris Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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